Brighton Family Dentists

In our Brighton clinic we provide quality dental treatments for kids and adults. Although we strongly believe in preventative dentistry we also specialise in general dentistry, restorative dentistry and cosmetic dentistry.

In most cases our dentists help patients in dental emergency situations.

Understanding that visit to a dentist can be expensive for some people we are doing our best to offer NO-GAP or minimal gap payment, providing you keep dental insurance.

Our patients can be assured that treatments are provided by experienced dentists who really care about you. We are also proud to use latest techologies, dental equipment and regulrarly updated knowledge of dental health, materials and methods.

During initial appointment dentist will examine you and offer a dental treatment plan. So the service will be completely transparent in terms of dental procedures and finance.

Dental Procedures

Regular check-ups and hygiene, dental fillings, root canal treatments, teeth extractions and other routine procedures.
Helps to develop good oral healthcare habits for life. Includes regular check-ups and dental hygiene visits.
Includes areas of dentistry such as: Endodontics, Periodontics, Prosthodontics. Deals with diagnosis and management of teeth and gum diseases. The restorative dentists are responsible to maintain the healthy supportive structures of teeth and gums and ensure aesthetic requirements of patients.
Can improve the look of your teeth. Colour can be changed according to your taste. Shape of uneven teeth can be amended. Crooked teeth can be straightened.
Includes teeth whitening and dental implants.
A medical necessity to reduce the pain of teeth and gums. The dental emergency is a final advent of dental problems, which accumulate over time. Rotten teeth or infected gums often deteriorate with time and only the pain indicates the problem is serious.

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